2 Oct 2007

I hope you're enjoying the site. A friend (waves at Pat) has suggested that I post snippets of my original works on the site as well - I might do that once I get a chance. Not the full works, of course, but something to 'tease' anyone who might be reading into wanting more.

On the original fic front, I'm currently working on a mystery novel about an ex policewoman who investigates a murder that takes place in her father's restaurant with the help of a mysterious stranger.

On the fanfic front, I'm almost finished with a Harm/Mac story for "JAG", and have to write a continuation for a "Close to Home" fic.

3 June 2009

It's been almost two years since I did this -- wow.

I'm still in college - hoping to get my accounting certificate this December if I can get one more Pell Grant. My son and daughter in law came for a visit around Easter, and it was wonderful to see them and introduce her to his side of the family.

On the writing front, I haven't gotten very far on the original fic that I mentioned the last time. Between moving to various computers and moving to a new house, I lost part of the story. I am working on another one, though, this one about an LA police detective who's nearing a meltdown who faces a crisis and turning point in his life when his wife is murdered, leaving him to try and reconnect with his children - and find a new way to fight for justice outside of the force that has been his entire life up until that moment of change.

I'm still hoping to write some fanfiction this summer, too. Of course, all of the writing depends on my muse cooperating. So far, she hasn't done that.

Here's hoping that changes soon.

Till next time----

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