Blairview: Listen to Your Heart

by Nancy Eddy

For your reading pleasure, check out "Blairview: Listen to your Heart" by Nancy Eddy.

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Blairview: Listen to Your Heart, is a romance/mystery, the main part of which is set in a remote town on the coast of Maine, and involves the rocky romance of Morgan Blair, heir to his family's estate in Maine and fashion model Jessica Thorne. The story follows the couple through almost ten years of their lives, their two meetings, their marriage and divorce. It then follows each separately yet still joined by the common bond of Morgan's brother, Patrick, a charming ne'er do well with whom Morgan doesn't get along.


I had just read "Blairview Listen to Your Heart" by Nancy
Eddy on my Palm. I enjoyed the romance and mystery very
much. My husband, who calls romances "junk reading
for frustrated women" took my Palm on a business trip.
When he got home he confessed to having read "Blairview
Listen to Your Heart" on the Palm. When I teased him about
reading a "junk romance," he informed me that this book was
a mystery! He just downloaded Nancy Eddy's "The Dark
Sorcerer." I wonder what his excuse for reading this one
will be?

-Bettany, Tampa

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