Nancy Eddy
Author of "Blairview" and "The Dark Sorcerer"
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I was born in E. Texas, raised in Tennessee and S. California (due to my father being in the Navy). I now live in E. Texas with my husband of 30 plus years, who drives a truck for a living; and our developmentally delayed daughter. Our son is in the US Army. He's married to a wonderful young woman with two equally wonderful children, making me an instant grandma. They live in upstate New York at the moment.


I work in a BBQ restaurant (been working in those for over 20 years), but am back to college and trying to get a Certificate in accounting. I should graduate by the end of 2009, if I can get a Pell Grant. Being over 50, spending hours on my feet is starting to be a bit too much for me.


I've been writing since I was in high school. I started writing gothic romances, mostly due to the fact that I read them and Harlequins all the time. As I got older, I started writing stories about my favorite TV shows. (This was long before anyone called it 'Fan Fiction'). I wrote about "Dark Shadows", "Star Trek", "Here Come the Brides", "Bonanza", "High Chapparal" and others. Most of them are still sitting in a file cabinet. My original writing was few and far between these stories. I wrote some Sci-Fi stuff (one of those stories is still a possible book idea someday).


I went to college to become a teacher, that changed to a possible career in journalism - but when I had to make a choice between taking a journalism lab and creative writing, the latter won out. But I never pursued anything more than writing fanfiction for the next several years. My first published story was in a 'fanzine' for "Dark Shadows", and after that I had a fanfiction novel based on that series published.


My fanfiction writing took off again when I discovered a series called "Remington Steele" - like many other fans, I disliked the ending of that series and wrote my own version to replace it. About that time, I found my way online, and began posting my "Dark Shadows" and "Remington Steele" fiction online.


That writing sent me into writing original fic once again, and I reworked an old story, submitting it for publication to Double Dragon eBooks. They accepted it, and published "Blairview: Listen to Your Heart" in 2001 in eBook format. It was later released in trade paperback as well.


In 2002, Double Dragon pubished a second book - this one a novela titled "The Dark Sorcerer", only in eBook format.


Since then, I've 'net published' a great deal of fanfiction, (in another new fandom, "JAG"), and have several original works in progress on my hard drive, but none of them have been finished. I'm hoping that will change soon.


At any rate, I intend to do more writing, both original and fanfic in the near future. Keep watching the site for details of any publishing information.



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This site is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Michael Bledsoe. RIP, Michael.