12 July 2024

Episode 12 is online

Welcome to my newest fiction attempt! It's a western/romance/comedy/drama based on the old TV Westerns such as Bonanza, The Big Valley, The Rifleman, and so many more. Yes, I will admit that I've taken a few liberties with some things (you'll find out when you read it), but I've attempted to create a story that I'm enjoying, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Episode 1

Welcome to Providence

Attorney Nick Everett arrives in the town of Providence, New Mexico Territory, circa 1875 to handle a case, where he meets the Donager family and and old friend.

Episode 2

Bank Robbers and Breakthroughs

Nick continues his pursuit of Jess, but bank robbers get in the way - or do they?

Episode 3


A letter from Lily's sister in St. Louis leads to big changes in everyone's lives.

Episode 4

Incident at Sutton's Creek

On the way to take care of a legal case in Braddock, Colorado, Jess is injured, forcing Nick to rely on a family of strangers.

Episode 5

Life in Providence

A wedding, a new arrival in town, an engagement, a new life begins, and Christmas is celebrated by the Donager Family in the town of Providence.

Episode 6

Passing the Torch

The town of Providence says goodbye to a prominent citizen as the railroad begins to lay track close to town. Jess and Nick have a breakthrough.

Episode 7

The Return

A long-lost relative returns to Providence, which creates ripples through the community.

Episode 8


Trouble arrives in town as plans for Jess and Nick's wedding go forward.

Episode 9

Cave In!

A mine cave in leads to an interesting discovery; Elizabeth and Thad make a decision about the future.

Episode 10

Changes Part 1

New arrivals bring changes to everyone's lives

Episode 11

Changes Part 2

Even with new responsibilities, Jess is still Jess

Episode 12

A Matter of Trust

Nick helps an old client, and strange things start happening on the ranch.